Aptos lifting

Aptos lift is a unique method of mini-invasive lifting of face, neck and other parts of the body using polypropylene fibres. The treated area is numbed by local anaesthesia. The treatment takes 20-40 minutes. The result is visible promptly and this method can be combined with other treatments of aesthetic surgery. Resulting collagen adhesions around fibres keep the skin tight for 3-4 years.



  • Mini-invasive intervention
  • Short recovery period
  • No scars
  • Natural result


  • Skin tightening
  • Contours firming
  • Face lifting



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Why Aptos?

Aptos is mini-invasive, very gentle method which tightens sagging skin in the face and neck using threads. Thin polypropylene fibres have small hooks which help to keep the tissue in new required position. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia. The tightening effect is visible immediately, the sagging skin will tighten naturally. This method can be combined with other treatments of aesthetic surgery.

When Aptos?

The most suitable age is 35-50. It is highly recommended in the case of the beginnig and medium phase of sagging skin. Where Aptos? Eyebrows - forehead - cheekbones – sagging contours – loose skin in the neck and decollete.

What is Aptos?

Aptos are polypropylene fibres from caprolaktane. Aptos threads with cogs are made of a non-allergenic, fully compatible material which allows to use different methods and different types of needles during one treatment.

Who is the treatment for?

APTOS is suitable for patients at the age of 35-50 with slightly and medium loose skin. It is also recommended for correction of dull face contours. The treatment is not a substitute for a typical facelift which deals with considerable signs of aging.

Which areas are treated?

  • Wrinkles on the forehead and the root of the nose
  • Sagging and asymetric eyebrows
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Sagging double chin

How is it done?

A thread is inserted in the subcutis with a 1.2mm needle. This is to fix the subcutis into the required position. The thread will subsequently be overgrown by connective tissue, helping to stabilize the new look.

Care after the treatment

Home care is essential for total effect of the treatment!

During first days it is very important not to overstrain the treated parts of the face. Facial expressions should be limited. It means to speak and laugh as little as possible, not to eat hot food, to eat half liquid food in order not to strain chewing muscles too much. Elastic face bandage is recommended for 3-4 days. The folowing 3 days after the treatment it is recommended to sleep half-sitting with neck collar to reduce the pressure on the treated area. Facial cleaning must be done very gently and carefully. The treated area should not be massaged. After 15-20 days it is possible to get back to usual daily routine and minor sport activity. Full physical activity can be performed within 35-40 days after the treatment..

What to expect after the treatment?

Feeling of tension, swelling and bruising in the treated area which disappear gradually. It is recommended to cool the area and use drugs prescribed by a doctor, if necessary.

Complications after the treatment

A) Bleeding during the treatment and subsequent bruising. This may be caused either by disobeying pre-operative instructions or by number of vessels in the subcutis which are not visible to the surgeon.

B) Thread releasing. When using „free“ threads without cogs, migration or early extrusion of the threads might occur. Simple reinsertion solves the problem. However, this complication has been very rare since we use Aptos treads with cogs. This treatment is not suitable for patients with very thin skin as they experience this complication more often.

C) Infection in the treated area is an infrequent complication, more common with male clients. Antibiotic treatment and, if necessary, thread removal solve the problem. After healing, new threads are inserted.

D) Thread visibility . The thread is visible if it was not inserted deep enough or it was inserted in the wrong direction. A simple thread removal and reinsertion solve the problem. This complication may also occur if a patient loses weight drastically or his facial features change for another reason.

How painful is the treatment?

The treated area is numbed by local anaesthesia, so a patient can perceive only a feeling of preasure during insertion or slight pain.


The treatment is not recommended in the case of infectious disease,damaged skin in the treated area, viral herpes, serious hypertension, blood coagulation disorder, during pregnancy and breastfeeding or shortly after another surgery.

Can other treatments be used as well?

The advantages of Aptos lift are promptly visible results and possibility to combine this method with other methods of aesthetic surgery.

Botulinum toxin can be applied 1 month after the treatment and acid hyaluronic dermal fillers 3-4 months after the treatment.

When is the final result visible, how long does it last?

The final result depents on the type of the skin and subcutis. First lifting effect is visible after swelling and bruising subside, complete balancing and tightening occurs after 4 months. Resulting collagen adhesions around fibres keep the skin tight for 3-4 years. The treatment can be repeated after some time.

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