Manual lymphatic drainage


Manual lymphatic drainage is a special, hand made massage which renews and increases the flow of the lympha. Venous diseases cause bad lymphatic circulation and swellings. Manual lymphatic drainage should be part of an all-inclusive vascular treatment.


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What is a lymphatic system?

The whole lymphatic system is an important part of an immune and detoxifying system, which perfect functioning is essential for our health. Lymphatic vessels are connected with venous system which carries away the toxins. If the activity of the system is slowed down, the metabolism works badly, which causes swellings and also low elasticity of the skin (cellulite).

Manual lymphatic drainage

Physiotherapist – specialist speeds up the flow of the lympha by gentle hand massage. The lympha goes to the nodes and the toxins are flown away.

The effect of lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage helps to detoxify the system and increases the immunity by the activation of the lymphocytes. The right function of lymphatic system is essential for our immunity. Manual lymphatic drainage also treats swellings and tiredness of the legs.

The reaction to lymphatic drainage

The reaction is individual. Side effects might include dry feeling in the mouth, sleepines or headache. Higher intake of fluids is necessary after the drainage.

How many treatments?

10 procedures are recommended to reach the desired effect. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 2-3 months.

The diference between manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage

Unlike instrumenatal drainage the manual lymphatic drainage focuses on the particular parts of the body. It uses the anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body. The effect is, therefore, much stronger.


  • acute viral or bacterial disease
  • oncological disease not in remission
  • acute venous disease - trombosis
  • pregnancy
  • ery high bood pressure
  • asthma
  • glaucoma
  • swellings caused by heart, liver or kidney disease
  • psoriasis
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