It is necessary to start with the treatment of large varicose veins and then to continue with the smaller ones.

Laser operation
Laser operation is a choice in the case of large varicose veins with significant reflux. We perform this operation using diode lasers (EVTL method). It is a very gentle alternative to surgery. .


  • Mini-invasive intervention
  • Minimum of postoperative complications
  • Ambulatory treatment
  • Painless intervention
  • Short-time wearing of compression stocking

Flebectomy is a treatment for smaller varicose veins. The procedure involves the removal of varicose veins through small 3-5 mm incisions in the skin overlying the veins or through small punctures made by special device. The wounds usually do not have to be stitched and there is only little bruising.

Although this method has very good cosmetic results, it cannot be used for all varicose veins treatment, especially when main vascular stem is affected.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia. During the intervention, you will be conscious and feel hardly any pain.

You can go home immediately after the treatment. You should wear bandages or compression stockings for at least 2 weeks, but preferably longer. You should avoid sport activities, such as skiing, rowing and dancing for 3-6 weeks.

Usual execises can be done after 2-3 weeks. Incisions and small punctures usually heal within a week. Bruises disappear within 2-6 weeks. Small scars might remain afterwards, they fade but never completaly disappear.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for small and middle varicose veins. A solution is injected into the vessels causing a small inflamatory reaction. Gradually, the vessels shrink and are eliminated from the blood circulation.

Sclerotherapy has very good cosmetic results. Bandages or compression stockings must be worn during the treatment.

Laser treatment of microvarices
This treatment is suitable for small separated vessels (diametr 2mm) or as a follow-up treatment of other methods. We use a highly effective vascular laser NdYAG, which belongs to the category of hard lasers. The light energy transforms into the heat inside the vessel, which shrinks and is gradually absorbed.

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