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Cellulite treatment

Cellulite formation is a long-term process. We do not know the cause of cellulite precisely, but regular treatment can reduce the extent and control the symptoms.

Cellulite treatment options

Medical mesotherapy of cellulite

Mesotherapy with selected solutions is one of the most effective options in treating cellulite. Mesococktails contain lipolytic solutions to dissolve and flush out fat cells (phosphatidylcholine, choline), hyase-containing enzymes to release the solidified ligament surrounding the fat, and other auxiliary ingredients. The aim is to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, collagen activation and to reduce the amount of fat in the cells.

Ultrasound - Ultraformer III

Ultrasonic cellulite treatment works on the principle of dissolving fat cells and releasing stiff connective tissue where it creates bumps and fissures associated with cellulite on the skin

Lymphatic drainage

An important part of cellulite treatment is opening and purifying the lymphatic system. Waste substances otherwise accumulate under the skin and together with encapsulated fat cells promote the development of cellulite.

Micro-liposuction and subcision

The procedure is used in the case of strong connective tissue stiffening, there is a drop in the place which needs to be loosened or, on the contrary, a small accumulation of fat with a bulge.    

Ultraformer III

Ultraformer III


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